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Godot 3.4 released! - Everything you have to note

Yesterday, Godot 3.4 released with lot of improvments! It is maybe the last release before version 4.0. In version 3.4, there are improvements to shaders and visual shaders in Godot, they now give you warnings and are argument names in code completion tooltips in the shader editor. Uniform arrays finally arrived in Godot 3.4 shader language together with structs. With the structs from gles you can easily port shaders from platform like shadertoy and there is a new build in fma() function. Now lets see the new things in the visual editor. There is now a context menu for visual shadets, extended settings for uniforms and lot of new nodes, like an int node or a comment node. In general, the editor got more user friendly and there are web- and multi player improvments also included in this release!

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