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Discussion on: How I Learned Angular Fundamentals

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Benjamin Raffetseder 🇦🇹 • Edited

I started at a new job with the beginning of this year and the agency decided to use only or 95% of the time Angular. I only had some experience on Vue. I worked before mainly with Drupal, plain ol' JavaScript and jQuery.

First I was pretty afraid because everyone around me said that Angular is by far the hardest front-end framework to learn. And to be honest I felt pretty fast very comfortable.

After 6 months a client wanted a web application in Vue, which was great because I was the only one who has worked with Vue before. While the development of this app I started to miss Angular. Because of the structure and all the things it brings already with it.

I often caught me thinking of "I would be much faster if I could do this in Angular". And now after almost 10 months I'm pretty wouldn't go back at any point. Even it gets a lot of hate from all around, I still think it's a great tool to build modern web applications, especially when they get bigger and bigger.

I wish you all the best on your way with Angular and welcome to the dev community!(:

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Farhat Sharif Author

I also felt pretty comfortable with Angular from the very beginning.
Thank you for the wishes and sharing your experience. It is very encouraging.
Wish you more success 🙂

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