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The correct form for deploying a web application for your customers?

What are those things that we need to worry about?

Typically in a MERN stack app or MEAN stack app, we need to worry about three things, the DNS (Domain name), the server that is going to be hosting our React/ANgular App (like herocku) and the database that we are going to be running on the cloud.

Those 3 things might be managed by completly different companies, for example you can have the domain name from Go-Daddy, the hosting from Herocku and the Database from MongoDB Atlas

Is it free?

Of course not, each of this companies are going to charge you for their services, each one of those with very different prices and of course you are not going to be paying for those services because at the end of the day, that app that you created it is not for you to use, hum, but how do i explain the customer how all of this works?, who is going to manage all of this companies accounts and due dates?, is it my job or the customer job?

What do i think about all of this?

I personally think that im the one who is in charge of managing all of this customers accounts and due dates in exchange of an extra fee, something like a...managament price.

Im just a junior developer so i havent really deploy an actual app for anyone just yet, im working on a very samll web app right now for a very small institution, but is not an actual work its just that i do social service there because my university forces me to

So even tho it is to early to deploy this app that im working on, as you can see i started worring about this deployment thing, i really dont know how to approach it like a real proffesional, what are your thoughts?

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