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🛠️ your own awesome GitHub README profile 😍

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These last months, while browsing github profiles, I would sometimes find some developers having kind of a presentation section made in markdown on their github profile. At this time, I was learning at the bootcamp The Hacking Project and didn't had much time to search about it...

But this week, I'm on holidays ! So I grabbed this task in my to-do list and decided to do it.

Here is the result: My GitHub README profile

⚙️ Setup : ~1min

  1. Create a new github repository
  2. Name it just like your github account
  3. Check the box allowing you to initiate the repository with a file
  4. Write your content in mardown syntax (here is a markdown cheatsheet for you)

🖌️ Pimp your repo

Insert emoji : 😄 😕 😢

To insert emoji in your makrdown file (.md), just consult one of these resources, choose an emoji and copy the associated code like :seedling: to paste it in your file.

Insert cool badges

You may have seen some badges on famous repos while browsing github. Here is how you can add them on your own

Resources :

🎉 Inspiration : The cool kids on the block

Browse this resource to find some of the most awesome github profile READMEs, and try to do better !

Awesome github profile ⚡

Oh ! By the way... this is my first post on 🎉 !

See ya ✌️

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