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It really depends on the domain. The ones I used the most until now are:

  • Singletons for core entity access (maintaining a database connection or a thread manager, for instance);
  • Thread pool for thread managers;
  • Observer and iterator (ReactiveX is awesome);
  • Facade and repository for data access;
  • Adapters for, well, adapting classes to interfaces (used them a lot on Android);
  • Builders and factories for objects with many different parameters and versions;
  • mvp and mvvm as architectural patterns;
  • Strategy and template method because I hate seeing a lot of ifs and switches :)

Builder Pattern mostly used instead of typical getter/setter boilerplate codes. Gives me a clear idea on properties which are mandatory and optional. Really likes the way it helps a shareholder understand by just reading a couple of lines.


Just a reminder, "most used" does not mean that they are used correctly, or they are the best solution :D


This. One of my greatest fears is will end up suffering from "design patternitis". I've had situations where the first solution I thought was to use some pattern, but later ended up not implementing it due to the impact on both performance or code complexity. Nevertheless, knowing the pattern helped me reach a better solution, so there's that.

Relevant link:


I think that if you go the other way around is better. Work your problem, and if in the end the solution ressemble a common pattern then you have a guideline how to implement it.
Your business logic is important, not the patterns.

Yes, I completely agree with you :) I was just talking about my own experience. I usually end up doing what you said, but it is quite common for me to easily recognize a pattern use case before starting any kind of implementation, and hence my fear.


Mixture of Factory for building different objects and Strategy in the context of writing pipeline logic as a means of reducing boilerplate from switch and if statements.


Components, for custom/aggregate UI elements and factory functions to create them :D


Model–view–controller is an architectural pattern

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