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Bervianto Leo Pratama
Bervianto Leo Pratama

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Usage Limit CI/CD from Popular Platform

This one is just want to compare the limitation.

The limit maybe changes in the next year, next month, or next day. So this is only valid for limited time. This limitation report take when May 15th, 2021.

This comparison only for the free usage. If you want more, you can check the price for each platform.



  • 2000 minutes (per account — individual project), or
  • 400 minutes (per organization — organizational project)

Gitlab — Organization

Gitlab — Individual



  • 50 minutes

Bitbucket Pipeline — Free



  • 10000 credits (I’m not sure how they count this, seems build minutes * [times] 10) — about 1000 minutes
  • But the credit count also depend on OS (operating system) that you use.

Example Usage

Deduction Explanation



  • Free/No Limit (Public Repository)
  • 2000 minutes (Private Repository)

Github Action — Price

Azure Pipelines


  • Free — Public projects
  • 1800 minutes — Private projects


I prefer to use Github Action for now (public and private projects). I’m not sure how long they can provide that free (not limit) for the public repositories. I also ever tried Gitlab CI before Github Action with free limit, but now (Gitlab CI) have some limitation, I understand we can’t too much hope have free build pipeline time. :)

This is my ranking:

  1. Github Action
  2. Azure Pipelines
  3. Gitlab CI/CD
  4. Travis CI
  5. Bitbucket Pipeline

Because I’m the explorer and limited resources, those public CI/CD platform are really helpful! I’m not compare with the UI/UX things, it will be complex.

Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

Thank you for reading. How about you? Which platform do you recommend? Let’s share!

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