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Bervianto Leo Pratama
Bervianto Leo Pratama

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You must read this before take AZ-500 exam

What are my mistakes that make me failed AZ-500 exam?

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In case you don’t know what is AZ-500, please check this link.

Exam AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies - Learn

In short, AZ-500 the exams that check your skills and knowledge about Security Technologies that you can utilize at Microsoft Azure. Big pictures that tested in this exam quite small than another exams (in my opinion).

  • Manage identity and access (30–35%)
  • Implement platform protection (15–20%)
  • Manage security operations (25–30%)
  • Secure data and applications (20–25%)

Ok, why I write this article? To motivate you and not do same mistake as I took. You should know, I failed this exam for first take. I believe it will happened to me, I can’t do perfect, I can’t expect I will passed all exams for first take. Anyway, you can learn from my mistake, so you minimize the probability that will be failed.

Do more practice and never be satisfied with your practice result

I recommended you to take the practice exam before take this exam. I can recommended this because the result of the practice exam same with the actual result when take AZ-500 exam, why? Because I’m not do more and not learn more which I am very weak. I took practice exam from RoleIQ.

RoleIQ | Pluralsight

You can see my result here.

Role IQ Result

You will see that my result not balanced as well. I’ve improved the section Manage Security Operation, but it not enough! Here is my result of exam, my score about (~500).

Exam Result

What my mistakes are

  1. Too confident with expert result
  2. Not learn more with weakest result
  3. Ignorance with practice result

I can’t just satisfied with one aspects which I expert. You can see my actual result, my result still unbalanced. I too focus with an aspect, but not try to get deep with another aspect, this is my fault! I also can see which aspects that I made much mistakes.

3 weakest aspects

Maybe I will take AZ-500 again for later, I need to learn more that weakest aspects. Yeah, but not limited to the weakest aspects.

Do your best!

Ok, I just can share with you about what my mistakes. You should do the best! It’s ok when I’ve failed, you can learn from my mistakes. Happy learning!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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