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Creating draft blog post in Gatsby

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Hi 😃 So... you have created your new blog and have many ideas for blog posts already. You probably will create a list of blog post titles or some drafts directly in your project so that you can work on them later.

While you were writing a blog post you got another title in your mind to write, You abandoned the current article and moved to write a new one.

Now let's say that you have finished one of them already and want to publish it, if you are using gh-pages and deploying using npm run deploy, assuming your package.json contains "deploy": "gatsby build --prefix-paths && gh-pages -d public".

It may deploy the unfinished posts as well.

So what if You want to keep few posts hidden while they are still under process or development.

One simple way is to use the markdown frontmatter, you can add an extra key value pair in your markdown file.


title: "<title>"
date: <date>
description: "<desc>"
draft: true

In the above example I added draft: true as an extra parameter and I will be using the same while rendering the DOM.

We can fetch the same parameter in our graphql syntax, with other details which are already there.

export const pageQuery = graphql`
  query {
    site {
      siteMetadata {
    allMarkdownRemark(sort: { fields: [frontmatter___date], order: DESC }) {
      edges {
        node {
          fields {
          frontmatter {
            date(formatString: "MMMM DD, YYYY")
            draft // I'm here :)

and use it in the render method where we are rendering a list of all blog posts.

{{ node }) => {
    const title = node.frontmatter.title || node.fields.slug
    return (
        hidden={node.frontmatter.draft} // like this, using `draft` parameter here
              marginBottom: rhythm(1 / 4),
              style={{ boxShadow: `none` }}
              <span itemProp="headline">{title}</span>
              __html: node.frontmatter.description || node.excerpt,

If you see, I have used hidden={node.frontmatter.draft} where hidden is a HTML element attribute.

Here I am only hiding the post from the all blogs list, you can choose to do other things as well, example: not rendering it completely.

That's it. Now if you want to work on posts and don't want to deploy them with other created posts, you can just put draft: true in your frontmatter and remove it once it is ready to go live 😃✨

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