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Experience with TestProject automation tool

Do you want an automation testing tool along with easy maintenance & simple integration mechanisms and like a plug and play weapon for your QA automation activities? Here comes the ‘TestProject’ tool for you.

Myself Bhargava, working as QA Lead in Qentelli. I want to share my experience with TestProject as an automation engineer.

TestProject is with very user friendly UX/UI where everybody can learn automation testing on finger tips as codeless automation. And from coding side, by using it’s multiple language supported SDKs (JAVA, C#, Python & JavaScript) you can achieve full automation framework capabilities for all popular programming languages. As it is 100% free forever and its professionally drafted documentation , experts written blogs , regular customer support & community forum helps you achieve your automation goal as a whole solution.

Do you believe?, TestProject’s online account & light weight installed agent completes your all Web, Mobile & any OS automation possibilities. TestProject agent supports you to record & execute automation scripts for all web browsers , mobile devices and will publish the reports in cloud and offline environment as per your easiness. And maintaining all agents in 1 place is a easy job in your distributed test execution maintenance. TestProject agent is available for Windows, mac, Linux & docker as of now. All mobile devices with developer mode type access which are connected to OS with agent gives the capabilities to run any app from it.

As a smart QA engineer you can use Testproject’s record & playback functionalities and create web/mobile tests as a snap in cloud or complete offline environment. Coming to its mobile or web element recognition and their maintenance , TestProject’s AI enabled self healing , Adaptive waits & Automation assistant helps you continuously to reduce maintenance. Self healing helps to update the elements XPath or CSS values automatically without user intervention helps smooth execution every time. Adaptive waits give sensible waiting techniques at element & page level for good synchronization for our test execution. The Automation Assistant is a TestProject AI tool that analyzes each step and detects cases where an action didn't reach its target goal and attempts to fix it automatically. Enable the Automation Assistant to stabilize and improve your mobile and web tests. Its Page Object Model feature gives you easiness in your element maintenance of elements & applications across your multiple projects. TestProject’s built in features like actions & validations makes our automation tasks readiness for script creation. By its several record addons & AI capabilities script creation supports several application environments like SAP, Salesforce etc..

TestProject scripts supports in 2 forms, Hybrid Cloud and offline. Offline mode scripts with help of TestProject CLI are visible & executable in private work environments only. But at any point of time you can upload your offline tests to TestProject’s hybrid cloud. In hybrid cloud your tests will be store in TestProject server and can be shared upon your team members for execution and maintenance purpose.

As a automation engineer you might need different code snippets to achieve your automation and its validations, so TestProject community’s developed Addons will assist you for that. Ex: we might need API executions in our UI tests, so our ‘RESTful API’ addon powers your script to get this. Our community continuously developing addons to fulfill our automation for our projects completely. Data driven automation style and Visual comparison can be achieved in TestProject to support your multiple test environments and requirements. Even though you can use community created addons, you can create and publish an addon from your end which can helps in others jobs. All tests supports conditional and iterative base executions in a job.

For your planned or on demand test suite executions, TestProject’s Jobs will solve the purpose. We all know that integrations between software makes our life easier in this AI era. Our Test Project supports CI/CD integrations via its powerful API to achieve your agile or DevOps goals . For real time communication from your test execution you can integrate TestProject with your chat bots like slack, Teams.

Reports from TestProject will give a rich format of HTML which gives more elaborated details will give your full details of our test execution. You can export the cloud reports as per your desire format like PDFs. And offline execution give well formatted HTML which gives further publishing capabilities. And at any point of time you can publish your offline HTML report in TestProject’s cloud for more options like sharing across business and projects.

TestProject CLI is used for all of our offline test executions, recordings & CI/CD integrations without any footprints of cloud for our secure private work environment.

For iOS automation on Windows machine, TestProject special capabilities assist you in simple steps.

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So as a final note I recommend TestProject to start a project’s automation testing with very easy setup & robust capabilities for enriched reporting as well in very short time.

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