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Python - What, Why and Where?


Python is a pure object oriented, dynamic, interpreted, easy to use language. Let's understand each of the terms one by one.

Although, python is known as pure object oriented language, it can work as functional oriented as well. In object oriented, it focuses on objects and classes rather then functions. Object oriented programming(OOP) is a bottom up approach.

When we say dynamic, it simply relate with the word 'run time'. Unlike C and C++ , you don't need to declare variables before using it. Everything can be handled during run time. No need to reserve memory, python can allocate memory at the run time only.

Now its an interpreted language, just for now we need to remember that there are two things:-

  1. Compiler
  2. Interpreter. Interpreter reads your code line by line and if any error occurs at any line, it will display it and when you will fix that error,than only it will move forward.

And the last point is 'easy to use'. So when you will start learning python, you will automatically understand this thing.


  1. Python is very easy to use because of its dynamic nature and simple syntax.
  2. Python uses white space or indentation.
  3. Python has many built-in library files which makes it powerful.


Python can be used in almost every field like:-

  1. Web development.
  2. Software development.
  3. Game development.
  4. Data science.
  5. Artificial Intelligence. And many more..

Writing your first python program:-

 > Print('Hello World')

In python , you can use Print() to display anything on screen. No declaration needed as it is dynamic language. That is why, it is said that python is very easy to use.

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