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Discussion on: My Transition from .Net to Salesforce. My thoughts and the challenges so far.

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bhavik solanki

Hi Chris,

thanks for this post.I am also same path. want to learn new technology in 2020 and thinking about salesforce. your post inspired me. take my small step on this path.

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Thanks for this article I am working as .NET developer and supporting apps. I think .NET is growing very fast and I am planing to catch up on Salesforce as it looks promising.

Do we know the job environment and tech challange if I plan to move from .NET to Salesforce.
As per my understanding one should start with Salesforce Admin and then move to dev area is it right ? or moving to Sales force is not a good idea!

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Chris Bertrand Author

Salesforce development is all about adding functionality to the existing CRM platform. It really requires buy in of the Salesforce domain and all that entails.

I wouldn't move to an admin position, with your .Net experience moving straight into developer role is more than feasible.

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Thanks calcualting the effort any estimations I can go for sales force developer certification. As per trailhead it seems around 2 months say 2hr per day.
Thanks in advance