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2D Vector in C++

We can define 2D Vector as Vector of Vector followed by N number of rows where each of the row is individual a vector. in other words 2D vector is almost similar to a array of vectors but the difference is only in the dynamic properties.


vector <vector<data_type>> vector_name;

  • vector <vector<int>> vct


initialization of vector
Here vec is the vector of vectors. where outer vector vec represent row as 2D matrix and every sub vectors represent column elements of particular row vector.

limit vector initialization

  • N = Number of rows
  • M - Number of columns Here 2D vector contains N number sub vectors(row) and every sub vector has M number of elements vale of 0
// output of previous initialization 
  0 0 0 0 
  0 0 0 0
  0 0 0 0 
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Iteration on 2D vector

Iteration on 2D vector on 2D vector

  • vect.begin() – It returns an iterator to the first vector in a 2-D vector.
  • vect.end() – It returns an iterator to the end of the 2-D vector.
  • vect.size()– It returns number of elements in vector push and pop in vector
  • v.push_back – Add vector to the empty 2-D vector
  • v.pop_back() – Remove the last vector from a 2-D vector

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