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Emmet HTML Snippets Cheatsheet

Emmet HTML Snippets Cheatsheet

Type the snippets in VsCode then press Tab or Enter.

Base Elements

  • div
  • h1
  • p
  • nav

Id and Class Attributes

Add '.' followed by classname

.container -> div with a class of container

div.container -> div with a class of container

h3.text-center -> h3 with class of text-center

div.container.flex-container -> div with class of container AND flex-container

Add '#' followed by id

mainContainer -> div with id of mainContainer

div#mainContainer -> div with id of mainContainer

h1#header -> h1 with id of header

Combine class and id

div.container#mainContainer -> div with class of container and id of mainContainer

h1.text-center#header -> h1 with class of text-center and id of header


h1*3 -> 3 h1's

li*3 -> 3 li's


use the '$' operator combined with a multiplication to apply an index to an element

ul>li.item$*5 -> ul with 5 elements that have classes of item1, item2, etc.


Use '>' to add children

div>h1 -> div with a child of H1

ul>li -> ul with child of li

ul>li*3 -> ul with 3 li children


Use '+' to add siblings

div>h1+p -> div with two children, h1 and p

ul>li+li -> ul with two li children

form>input:text+input:text+input:submit -> form with two text input children and a child submitt button


Use parenthesis to group things together...think complex children

div>(form>input:text+input:text+input:submit)+p -> div with two children a form (with two inputs and a submit button) and a p tag

Custom Attribute

Set custom attributes with brackets '[]'

p[title="Hello world"] -> p with title attribute set to 'Hello world'


Set inner text for text elements with curly braces '{}'

p{hello} -> p with inner text of hello

a{Click here} -> anchor tag with inner text of Click here

Good to know

Here's some extra ones to know!






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