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Curated dataset for recommender system

Every recommender system begins with the right data, which is often not readily available for someone starting their journey in the field. We at Caboom, are committed to helping you learn, develop, and deploy personalized recommender systems.

There are a number of publicly available datasets available these days. However, a lot of our users have said that it is difficult to find the dataset that matches their domains. Most people also struggle when it comes to figuring out how to build recommender systems to prove its feasibility.

So, to make things simpler, we have curated the right datasets for you to get started on your recommendation systems. We have categorized the datasets as per different domains like movies, books, finance, retail, job, music, food, etc so that you can find the one matching your use-case the best easily.

This will not only be a great way to find the right datasets, but we will also be adding comprehensive exploratory analysis and implementation of recommender algorithms in the future.
Get access to the complete dataset here.

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