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Top Skills Your .NET Developer must have

Many businesses hire skilled and expert .NET developers to boost their business fast and efficiently. Many technical and soft skills are required in a .NET developer to make your dream project more efficient and productive.

So here I provide you the list regarding which are skills your .NET developer must have;

.NET Technical Skills:

.NET framework versions: .NET 1.0 – .NET 4.7.2

C# unit testing frameworks: MSTest, SpecFlow, xUnit, nUnit

Desktop frameworks: Windows Forms (old school), WPF

Languages: Visual Basic .NET, C#, F#, C++ .NET

ORM: ADO.NET, Entity Framework 1-6, Linq2SQL (depreciated), nHibernate 1-5

C# build tools: Azure DevOps (old TFS), Team City, TFS, Cruise Control .NET, Jenkins

Web frameworks: ASP.NET Web Forms (old school), ASP.NET MVC 1-5, ASP.NET Web API 1-2

Communication frameworks: Web Services (old school), ASP.NET Web API, 1-2, WCF

IoC Containers: Ninject, AutoFac, Unity, Structure Map, Castle Windsor Container

Backend technical .NET developer skills that make your developer more worthy

Databases (MySQL, Azure SQL, SQL Server)+
Frameworks (most importantly ASP.NET MVC and Entity framework)
Languages (C# plus VB.NET or F#)
MCSA (Universal Windows Platform, Web Applications)
MTA – Microsoft Technology Associate
.NET Core

Skills of a Pro-level Microsoft .Net developer

.NET MVC (Model View Controller)
Understanding of client-side technologies
Database application
MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer)
Microsoft MVP(Most Valued Professional)

For your upcoming project, now you have a clear idea of the skills your .NET developer must-have. If you are looking to hire .NET developer for your next project, then here now from Bacancy Technology.

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