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GSoC with CHAOSS - Weeks five and six!

Aastha Bist
I'm exploring the world of computers, step by step.
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Hello everyone!

This is the biweekly report for weeks five and six of GSoC related to the project CHAOSS D&I Badging.


During week 5, I explored what automation could be part of the Badging review process.

Currently, there is a bot that comments the review checklist and relevant links on different Pull Request events. There are several possibilities for what kind of bots can be integrated into the process. For week five, I explored two different bots:

  • A bot which can assign reviewers on using a specific slash (example /assign)command in GitHub comments - This one, while sounding useful at first, is slightly unnecessary at this point since reviewers need Repository Level write permissions, and that gives them enough access to assign themselves to a PR.
  • The second was the bot to generate badges attached to PR link upon commenting a specific slash command and the badge level. Link -

Pilot Testing

Week six was the time for the Pilot Testing of the D&I project. We had three mock applications initiated (2 for Events, and 1 for Projects).

This lead to gaining invaluable information about some process-related things which did not work that well in reality and need to be reworked or reordered or both in order to be useful.

Review Checklist reframing

Review Checklists are the reference list for reviewers to check for specific things in the submitted application/links.

One of the main observations during Pilot Testing was that Qualitative Checks were cumbersome to fill out. I later restructured the Checklists, removing them, leaving only checkboxes followed by what they were for.

Thanks for reading!

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