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GSoC with CHAOSS - Weeks three and four

Aastha Bist
I'm exploring the world of computers, step by step.
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Hello reader!

This is my second bi-weekly report about my GSoC work with CHAOSS. These last two weeks included writing a new helper bot for CHAOSS Badging. This report will be a new format than the previous ones, not divided chronologically but rather a combination of the work I did during this time.

So without further delay...

Alt Text

Let's get started!

Templates, checklists and reframing
These last two weeks were about finalizing templates that the applicants would interact with, and the checklists the reviewers would interact with.
With Event Criteria came the new question about badge levels, since all Events are not created equal in terms of metric criteria they would fulfill. For now, we are considering only two Badge levels for Events, pending and passing

Enter the bot
Automation is going to be something that I'll be primarily focusing on in the month of July. For now, to help out with the process (reducing manual work of copying and pasting the Markdown lists from one place to another), I wrote out this small bot called list-bot-test, which does the following things:

  • When a PR is opened, it greets the applicant using content from .github/ of the repository the bot is installed on.
  • Admins / Owners of the repository (as of now) manually assign reviewers.
  • A checklist is generated for the assignee (tagging them by username), who has been beforehand given write level or collaborator access to the repository.

Link to the source code -

Coming up next...

  • Bots which do certain things on being called by a slash commands
  • Pilot testing for the CHAOSS Badging program.

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