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How to Build a Dapp Like Cryptokitties ?

Cryptokitties is an ethereum based dapp which is made up of a game nature, where anyone can buy, sell and breed charming virtual cats and kitties in exchange of ethereum. This dapp run on ethereum blockchain which is launched on November 28, 2017, by a Canada based software company Axiom Zen Inc.

How to build a dapp like cryptokitties ?

You can create a dapp like cryptokitties in two ways.
Using the open source code
And by leveraging a blockchain like TRON Which favors creating entertainment-based dapps.

Using Open Source Code:

You must have some basic development skill to understand the cryptography algorithm and must have the basic knowledge to develop a dapp in the blockchain.

Skills required :

Expertise to handle Development tools
Must be capable of writing smart contracts and auditing it.
UI/UX Design
Testing skills

Steps To Create A DApp In Ethereum

Create an account on ethereum dapp
Setup dapp development tools
Review the smart contracts of cryptokitties
Code your own smart contracts
Test, and Run Your Smart Contracts

Cryptokitties smart contracts can be divided into smaller as below

KittyAccessControl - This contract defines who is having full access control over a kitty
KittyBase- it defines the attributes of a kitty like a birth time, Gene Code.
Kittyownership - This defines the kitties as tokens, these tokens are fungible tokens and are written on ERC721. The ownership of a kitten is tangible.
Kittybreeding - This Contract used while the players breeding a kitten.
Genescience- the core concept of the crypto kitty hold by this smart contract. (i.e) The fun of the game is making a new breed. If the gene codes are open to everyone, then anyone can make a rare breed by comparing it with other kitty code. So the fun will get reduced, and will not excite the users. So the Creators made it a closed contract.
KittyAuctions: It has the detail of buying and selling of kittens through smart contracts.
KttiyMinting: This contract defines the opportunities of creating gen0 kittens.
Kittycore:This is the core contract, which combines everything together to work properly

Why TRON Can Be A Better Option To Create A DApp Like Cryptokitties

We know the crypto kitty has been created on the ethereum blockchain, but the TRON is a blockchain just similar like ethereum which favors the developer to create entertainment-based dapp on TRON network.
Source : Bitdeal

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