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Simk-ops for Bit Project

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Twilio Camp

Our "Intro to Javascript" Bit Camp was launched in December 2020, in partnership with Twilio. Through this camp, we hope to create more open-source education over the world. Javascript is a broad language and we aim to help students take their first step in the world of web development and programming.

Bit Camps are open-source hands-on learning experiences where students get exposure to rising technologies and industry culture through our carefully catered programs and one-on-one mentorships. Bit Project aims to give students the power to light their creativity and pave their future paths.

In this program, students learn through a miniature game called "TwilioQuest" which teaches them about Javascript in a fun and simple manner. Students have weekly live stream sessions which are led by instructors and sometimes Margaret Staples, who is a Developer at TwilioQuest. We help students develop their thinking process through various review sessions, live coding demonstrations, and home reviews every week.

"Margaret is very knowledgeable and inspiring. She helps explain different topics and gives the students a different perspective." - Instructor at BitCamp

Students are also given the opportunity to actively interact with their assigned Twilio mentors starting around week 3.

Towards the end of the program, students work on a clock project using Javascript, HTML, and CSS. They get to explore different functions to make their projects customizable and unique. Initially, students have very limited exposure to programming but by the end of this program, they get inspired to explore more about Javascript.

In the future, our goal is to have a wide variety of projects and expand our curriculum to better cater to students to want to go deeper into Javascript and web development languages.

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