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Kentico Rocks Episode #034 - How Easy Is It for a Beginner to Build a GatsbyJS / Kentico Kontent Site?

mcbeev profile image Brian McKeiver Originally published at on ・2 min read


In this episode of Kentico Rocks , Adam Amran, Product Designer at Kentico Kontent, joins host Brian McKeiver. They talk about Adam's experience with creating a GatsbyJS site backed by the Kentico Kontent Headless CMS as a new programmer. Adam and Brian go into the story of how Adam needed to create a new website for a side project he was working on,

Being a Designer by trade, Adam wasn’t quite sure where to start as he only had basic programming knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After forming the new idea for the project, creating his content model in Kontent, and settling on GatsbyJS as the right solution, the new site came together quickly and is now blazing fast.

Listen to the episode to find out what pitfalls happened along the way, and why Adam us now very happy with the result.

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In This Episode

Brian McKeiver and Adam Amran discuss the following topics in Kentico Rocks podcast episode #34:

  • Kentico Kontent as a headless cms
  • Getting started building a GatsbyJS site from scratch
  • Why WebFlow was not the answer for Designers looking to build a dynamic site
  • How Easy is it get started with Kontent and GatsbyJS as a beginner
  • Adam's one thing he would do differently knowing what he knows now (hint: React basics)
  • A little bit about Adam's side project at

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