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My first NPM package - And the first step in my open source journey.

Open source

Ever since I got into programming, I have been fascinated by open source and for the longest time wanted to get more into it, but I have to admit its very intimidating to get started. And that has held me back from getting into it for a while, but at the start of this year I made a decision that this would be the year my open source journey begins.

So to start my open source year off I have created my very first NPM package, I dont know if anyone will ever use it, and for now thats not very important to me. Just the act of publishing something that is open source felt very good.

My package - React-flowfield


It's a background component for react, to give a interesting background animation. Its inspired by one of Daniel Shiffman`s amazing videos.

Here is an example:


You can customize a few options to make it your own and to look the way you like it and to make it fit your website.

This is hopefully the first one many components I will add. The idea for the future of this project is to have a library of many interesting background components.

Thank you for reading :)

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