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(Part-2) Guide to Protect your Online-Self in 2021! 💻

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In my last blog post Guide to Protect your Online-Self in 2021! 💻, I covered top 5 things you should do be safe online. Today we are going to extend that list so that you are more protected and secure.

Use an Ad-Blocker 🎁

Credits: StrikeSocial

You will agree with me that internet is messed a lot in past few years. Although it is good that we can try many things for free, thanks to ads, but now many cyber crimes use ads as major middleware. Attackers buy advertising positions on major websites, and can execute malicious code on your computer.

An ad blocker

  • Will try to remove such ads and try to protect you from the malware.
  • Will also load web pages faster as ad blocker will stop all the extra code and images from loading.
  • Will stop various trackers from tracking you

But an ad blocker can also

  • Reduce functionality of some websites in the parts like cart and payment. You can whitelist that website in your ad blocker.
  • Consume ma lot of memory. You may need to reduce no. of privacy filters blocker is applying if you are using less powerful computer.

Microsoft’s new Chromium based Edge provides tracking protection on both mobile and desktop browser without adding extension. If you rather like Chrome, you can use CPU and memory efficient uBlock Origin.

Also beware of the fake ad blockers on both play store and chrome extensions.

Don’t eat all Cookies 🍪

Credits: Elegant Themes

Just like ads, cookies is another thing that has completely changed the web. So what are cookies?

Cookies are files created by websites that you visit. They make your online experience easier by saving browsing information. With cookies, sites can keep you signed in, remember your site preferences and give you locally relevant content.

This is Cookie definition according Google Support Page.

So far so good, right? Looks like they are useful, buy wait! This coin too has another side. Not all cookies are good and some are used to track user and show advertisement. Watch this:

Credits: Privacy Monitor

So, when you click think you don’t need your information to be saved on the website like this, just like my website on Deny , and according to GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation), you will not be tracked!

Use Privacy Focused Search Browser 🌐

Whether you agree it or not, Google knows lot about you! And best part is you have given permission for it. If you want to know, all about it, visit My Activity with your Google account logged in. You can also turn this activity controls to off, if you want.

On the other hand, there are may privacy focused search browsers, that will not save and use data. Some of the notable are:

  • Duck Duck Go - One of the most successful alternative to Google
  • Qwant -Provides trending topics as well as recent news stories

That’s all for today. You can read Part 1 of this blog, ➡ Guide to Protect your Online-Self in 2021! 💻

See you next week with some new topic. Happy New Year!

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