56 : Understanding the Computer is a good idea!

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If you are a complete beginner, and not confident enough, I recommend to understand the computer, that is what I did in the beginning, it is possible to follow a systemic curriculum from the internet,

However, I think it is okay to take time to convert yourself from analog to digital, it might get you overwhelmed, the computer process quickly, through the database, what I would like to do again is to make my solution specify via encoding, and discovered that I want to go back focusing on computational thinking,

personally, I am a big language nerd, I like understanding the other side of any cultures,

As same the logic, I want to know the computer, and talk, how? by applying what I just solved, recognize how I did, why I did it with clear reasons,

This is my own statement, and then I want to be out of my box

  1. Math is not really necessary!
  2. Going to well-sturucted academy!

The programming field is really wide, I think computational thining is my vanilla programming!

It is really tough to make a decision by yourself, because learning has no answer, and it takes a lot of responsibility! let's take it, with the gratitude! and Be yourself to solve problems:)

Computational thinking is worth to invest

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