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2020 Coding Newbie

Hello World!

I'm Jahaziel, a creative professional with a background in event management. After years of working in meetings and events, and with the current state of the world pandemic completely turning the live events industry on its head, I've decided to take this time to re-skill and embark on a journey of web development.

Thankfully I have a pretty good start for a tech support team, my brother, who is currently working professionally as a developer with a Fortune 500 company, introduced me to this dev community and has inspired my journey into the vast world of technology.

I've been accepted into the vestibule of a local tech program called the Innovation Fellowship by a local non-profit called The Knowledge House, which promotes technology-based career opportunities for NYC residents in the areas of web development, data science, and design.

This isn't my first rodeo-- I've attempted a coding bootcamp back in 2017, but the timing wasn't right. This time, with all of the social-distancing, remote working and underemployment in the live events industry, I feel is the right time for me to continue this journey towards becoming a developer.

I'll admit, that it's humbling and challenging to start a whole new career path in my mid-30's -- but with the abundance of resources and information available freely on the Internet, and with the support of this dev community, I hope to share my journey, challenges and wins, as I embark on this new pathway.

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