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Discussion on: Is TailwindCSS Worth It?

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Ben Calder

Depends on your definition I suppose... but IMO adding a library absolutely does add to technical debt; especially if not well managed. TBH I can't be bothered getting into a long discussion on that subject right now; so I guess we can agree to disagree on that.
Anyway - the point is that some developers are more cautious than others; so we want to see tangible, quantifiable benefits before investing ourselves into a new library. As far as Tailwind is concerned I'm yet to be convinced 🤷

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Dennis Groß • Edited on

I am with David in this regard. Libraries don't add technical dept per se.

Technical debts are nothing else than poor code quality and poor architectural decisions. It is just a nicer way to tell the customer that the code base became a bit messy and some stuff needs to be refactored.