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Extract 20BN-Jester dataset on Windows


For those that do not know 20BN-Jester dataset. It is human interaction dataset, it contains humans perfoming a list of pre-defined gestures. Recently has been used for as a benchmark set for different types of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs).

  1. Download
    You can download the dataset from the official website. Fortunately it is free for academic research.

  2. Extract
    It is fairly easy to extract on unix based operating systems. However, it is not the same when it comes to windows based systems.

After you download you are given a command to use to extract as given below:

cat 20bn-jester-v1-?? tar xf -
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Usually this extracts to a point. For some reason it doesn't completely extract the entire dataset. For this, you can exectute this command.

cat 20bn-jester-v1-??|gzip -dc|tar xf -
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This solution was posted on Stackoverflow, check it out.


Use a unix based shell like git bash to be able to run gzip as it is not available by default on Windows.

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