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Ben Mitchinson
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Accenture - August + September 2021

Cross posted on my website

What I've worked on

  • Created dozens of tickets coinciding with new 2 project kick-offs.
    • Feels good to organize a fresh Zenhub project board with clear acceptance criteria / patterns for completing and discussing spikes / making goals clear and accessible to the team.
    • Team members expressed that they enjoyed getting to work on the initiatives because the work was made so clear.
    • Velocity on these new projects is high 📈
  • Deployed a suite of data ingestion microservices to Azure with Helm, k8s, and Terraform
  • Setup Github actions to do static code analysis, image publication, and deployment with Terraform.
  • Setup boilerplate for a Typescript Express API with CI/CD, Linting, automatic increased VSCode support, and Jest class mocking structures / patterns

What I'd like to improve

Code Reviews

I've read the google eng practices dozens of times now. I feel like when I start a review I ask myself different questions every time, leaving me with reviews I don't feel super confident in, that are inconsistent in depth. Would like to start documenting questions I ask myself when beginning a review.

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