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Accenture - June + July 2021

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What I've been doing at Accenture for the month of June + July.

Took a break in between jobs during the month of May. Did some contracting to deploy a small node server + corresponding frontend in AWS Beanstalk.

What I've worked on

  • Managed deployments in multiple AWS k9s environments with Terraform
  • Introduction to elixir
  • Learning how to work in an open source organization
  • Presented on code review standards + practices
  • Utilized the Helm Terraform provider to manage helm deployments in k9s
  • Configured Strimzi to deploy a kafka cluster
  • Pair Programming in a remote environment. We typically pair for 4+ hours a day.
  • Deploying Prometheus and Grafana alongside our data pipeline using public helm charts
  • Combining several of our teams custom helm charts into one configurable mono chart
  • Coming up with fun + not awkward bonding activities for our team to participate in despite our distance from one another

What I'd like to improve

  • Learning so much technology has left me feeling burnt out when I could be taking on new cards / tech debt. I'd like to more effectively use my time when not actively pairing.
  • Making new cards when discovering potential improvements
  • Continue to practice creating very organized and condensed technical presentations

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