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Discussion on: How I Built a Markdown Editor Earning $1300/mo Profit — Inkdrop

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Ben Mitchinson

Often i think of a problem, and a solution exists.
There's plenty of electron apps that let you write and sync notes in markdown, bear, notion, etc...

What about inkdrop is different from those? How did you identify things you could do to separate yourself from the pack.

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Takuya Matsuyama Author

I don't feel like pitching that my app is better than other apps because it all depends on your personal preference.
If you couldn't find any difference between other apps, then it will not solve your itch.
For example:

  • WYSIWYG vs Text Editor
  • Versatile vs Simple
  • Single-platform vs Multi-platform
  • Web app vs Standalone
  • Sync via third-party cloud file storage vs Dedicated server
  • Proprietary format vs Open format

The latter is Inkdrop.
It's a collection of my preference.
That's it.