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Hey Tracy! πŸ‘‹

Wanted to ask: How do you find the time to do SO MUCH community work, even though it's a part of your job?

You've done a tremendous job of connecting individuals who are from distinct parts of the community and weaving a fabric of awesomeness. I've seen others attempt and fail to do the same, so I'm curious about your thoughts on how to bring people together to discuss common goals and their differences.


I think I've just been good at doing this my entire life. Finding connections in people and suggesting things and just overall having the power of suggestion. :)

I also make sure to always follow up with the people I want to follow up on and make an impact. Those of us who are blessed with the ability to make connections and change the world, always should. You are one of those people too! <3

I was also lucky enough to make this a part of my "job" essentially, and that makes me so happy. Helping people just makes me happy. :P

Plus, I think I try to encourage niceness and am not afraid to call people out on their silly BS sometimes. ;)

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