Async React Basics with Redux-thunk & Redux-saga

Norbert Braun on October 08, 2018

I have lots of free time lately so I decided to play around a bit with React & Redux. If you want to write maintainable asynchronous code using... [Read Full]
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Thanks for the nice article. Since you're already familiarized yourself with thunks and sagas, you should probably learn about epics in redux-observables. I find them a cleaner abstraction of side effects in redux than the other options. The only problem is that they are so powerful, you'll soon end up using epics for everything.


Everyone keeps recommending redux-observables, will definitely check it out.


Hi Alex, thanks for the hint I'll definitely check it out!


Awesome Article, great to see the Cat API being used to teach, thanks Norbert!


Thanks, Aden great api by the way :)


Awesome stuff. When deciding between the two I chose Redux-Thunk just because it clicked faster. I've been curious about Saga lately, what's the advantage?


Hi Jordan, thank you!
I think the main advantage saga has over thunk is the testability. Generator functions return iterators. So you can pretty easily see, what's going on in your function by calling .next().

Here's an example to test sagas: redux-saga.js.org/docs/basics/Disp...




In depth article on redux-thunk and redux-saga. Thanks for writing wonderful article.


Thanks, glad you like it. :)


Wonderful article!
Thanks u

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