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Chad Steele
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Redux in one line...

What if I told you that you could replace Redux with one line of code? What if I told you it was as easy as using useState and works just like it, except it's shared and does not depend on Redux, Context, or any other library?

What if I told you it was high performant and less than 3k?

    import {useSync} from 'ez-sync-js'

    const [myVar, setVar] = useSync('myVar','optional initial value')
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See the demo

Click [more] when you get there and add as many React components as you like, they instantly share state.

But seriously, why are you still reading this post... git'r done


It's called ez-sync-js


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Cool idea!

It doesn't support middleware or async actions, though, and why wouldn't you want to use context anyways?