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What is new in Laravel 8?

bobbyiliev profile image Bobby Iliev ・1 min read

As of writing this post, Laravel 8 is still not officially out, but it was just announced at Laracon Online.

Here is a list with some of the new excellent features that you will get with the new version πŸ”₯

What is new in Laravel 8?

It is absolutely fantastic to see how much effort is being put into Laravel.

Feel free to share your favorite new features in the comments!


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Another big stuff in Laravel 8 is Jetstream, there is a complete shift from the legacy authentication, you can check out my post on it dev.to/kingsconsult/laravel-8-auth...


Yes, Jetstream is awesome!

I also wrote a post about it:

What is Laravel Jetstream and how to get started?


wow, Great write-up


In my bid to create my first CRUD app, dev.to/kingsconsult/laravel-8-crud... , I will list few things I noticed about the

  1. Laravel 8 creates a Model folder to store models, which I manually do previously
  2. Laravel 8 automatically copy .env from .env.example
  3. Laravel 8 generates APP_KEY after copying the .env
  4. There is a change on how to write route in web route file, the path must be included at the top. check my article on how to create a CRUD app, then see the changes