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Compilation of great reads 11/2021

This is an overview of posts and articles that recently made a buzz on our Slack channels. Together with our posts, they took shape of a newsletter we call Dev-to-dev.


Testers just validate Acceptance Criteria
Here’s a list of things you can say to push your QA colleague’s buttons. Use them wisely. Just kidding. Don’t use them. Ever.

The ultimate copy-pasting tool
Remember the 2021 April’s fool joke Stack Overflow did? Well, it is no joke anymore. You can buy your copy-paste macro keyboard and show off your copy-pasting ninja skills.

Technical Debt Isn't Technical
How technical debt correlates with cooking, why you should praise fire-preventing instead of fire-fighting and what could you do today to deal with technical debt (besides adding more to it).

Do-nothing scripting: the key to gradual automation
If your procedures are only partially suitable for automation, this concept brings you one step closer to automation and reduces the chance of your … I mean … human error.

Minimum Viable Secure Product
If you don’t have any kind of security compliance for your product, this minimalistic security checklist is what you need in order to sleep tight. Or it can be something you implement during those sleepless nights.

Photoshop's journey to the web
Photopea was the de-facto “photoshop online” tool since 2017. We loved the story behind it. Adobe finally made the official version (still in beta). Not sure how long would it take without the Photopea, though.


Land a React Job: The lazy way
So you've run out of Netflix TV shows to watch, YouTube algorithm is showing videos like “Man eats 87 SpongeBob stickers in an alley” and you learned a JavaScript library while in lockdown? It’s time to react!

How to work as a solo (frontend) developer
Working in a team is great. You can progress fast and learn a lot from your colleagues. But sometimes, life happens, and you have to work alone. There, there... don’t be sad. Read this and make the most of it.

Implement traditional auth system in Symfony with less code than ever
Optimise Symfony auth implementation with PHP8 attributes and the constructor properties promotion. Warning: If your manager is counting your lines of code as a success metric, you should skip reading this.

5 reasons why Frontend Developers love GraphQL
If you’ve never worked with GraphQL and haven’t been convinced in the benefits, this post about Luka falling in love with GraphQL might just change your mind. If not, you’ll read yet another great love story.

Create and publish your own React library
This guide will help you understand how to create and publish your library. Reading it is a requirement for becoming a rich and famous React library publisher, so don’t skip this chance to become one.

Page Object Pattern + Reusable Functions in Cypress
Make your work and life easier by isolating page specifics in your automated tests. In a perfect world, selectors would not be changed. But you and I know developers do it just because they can. -.-

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