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re: Is git the be all and end all of version control? VIEW POST


Fossil looks interesting. It was created by Richard Hipp who also runs the sqlite project.

Here's a talk about the problems he sees with GIT:


I love Fossil. It has its quirks, as do the alternatives (Git, Mercurial, et cetera), but it provides what I need much more effectively and with far less hassle than those alternatives. In fact, I've been doing more and more of my work in Fossil, and I host my open source Fossil repositories on the web. I'm not sure I'll ever create another repository in Git that isn't a clone of a Fossil repository again, except when I'm somehow required by someone else (e.g. an employer) to do so.

Speaking of clones, I wrote a fairly simple tool in Ruby, called FossGit (gem install fossgit), to mirror my work in Fossil repositories on GitHub. The GitHub network effect is too valuable to ignore, at this point.

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