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Discussion on: Why I can't recommend Clean Architecture by Robert C Martin

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Blaine Osepchuk Author

I haven't looked at the source code for Fitnesse. But I wouldn't be surprised to learn that practice and theory have diverged.

And, just to be clear, I don't think that says anything bad about Uncle Bob. Software development activities in real-world systems need to make economic sense. Often that means leaving "good enough" alone even if that means the system doesn't meet all your architectural goals.

If Uncle Bob and his son are the only two programmers on the Fitnesse project, the architecture might be perfectly adequate as it is. But if they were going to bring in ten additional programmers it might be completely inappropriate. Context matters.

You wrote:

In a perfect world of theory, all his recomendations sound solid, but in the real life I find them very poorly applicable.

That's probably true for the smallish (100 KLOC class) systems I've worked on. But the bigger the systems get and the longer they are going to live, the more important architecture becomes. For example, I wonder what the architecture of the F-35 software looks like (reportedly around 8 million lines of mostly C++). I'm guessing/hoping it has a lot more architecture than my 100 KLOC projects.