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Hi I'm diving into an already existing react native project, which hold a ± of 100.000 users. For now it's quite static and I was asked to add more delight and interaction to the app. On my research for this I stumbled onto the Lottie library, integrated into react-native. I tested it on my virtual machine and it looks amazing. But I have some questions though:

  1. Is it stable to use in real life products?

  2. Are there do's and don'ts for the use of this library? (like 'Use it for buttons, but definitely don't use it for...)

  3. When using this in live projects, did you often have performance issues?

If you find the time I'd love it if you could enlighten me on this. :D

Have a nice day!


TD: I mainly focus on functionality and leave interaction design to colleagues. However I consistently use Lottie in production.

  1. Yeah, the bridge is quite slim and regular Lottie is solid.
  2. The limitation I guess comes down to the fact that it's compiled down to JSON. Technically you can edit this JSON in realtime to adjust colours (I've done this for example with loaders that needed dynamic colours). It's mainly that it'd be tedious to build big customisable components when you're using minified JSON as the animation.
  3. No.
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