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Top 10 Ruby gems you can't miss in 2020

Top 10 Ruby Gems you can't miss in 2020
RubyGems enables rapid Ruby on Rails development. They are libraries and functionalities that assist smooth customization of web applications. Ruby on Rails projects utilize a lot of Ruby Gems for achieving desired functionalities. In this article for Ruby Gems list, we highlight out the top ten RubyGems that you should use for your next RoR development project.

Here are the Top 10 Ruby on Rails gems for Ruby on Rails projects:-

1. Rubocop

A rails development favourite, Rubocop enables formatting and analyzing the static code in development. It is one of the best gems on the Ruby Gems list to report errors in the code as it automatically enforces standards highlighted in the Ruby style guide. Apart from that, Rubocop also fixes some errors that occur while coding RoR web applications.


It's one of the most popular Ruby Gems that enables integrating RSPEC into any Ruby on Rails project. It has a clear and descriptive syntax. Users have to generate RSPEC extension files for integrating it with the project. The gem is particularly useful for developers writing the unit test cases.

3. Better_errors

It is a debugging gem used in Ruby on Rails development for debugging - usually showcase any errors that occur in the code. It provides comprehensive information about the error with a workable visual impact. It can also be applied in Rack middleware.

4. Draper

Draper's latest version of Ruby Gems enables building decorators around the model. It provides a clean view and doesn’t call for helpers with the models. It directly utilizes decorators which provides a list of attributes and extended methods for the object.

5. Capybara

With Capybara, users can conduct integrated testing as it imitates their actions in the browser. It is a Rails Gem that runs in combination with RSpec and suggests the debugging model in very few lines. It provides various alternative methods for test debugging.

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6. Devise

One of the most popular Ruby Gems, Devise, is used in RoR applications for adding OmniAuth support to verify users and resetting passwords. It can also store passwords in the database for easing authentication procedure. It also locks accounts in case of multiple logins fail.

7. Webpacker

Webpacker is known for serving Javascript and providing assets like fonts, CSS, and images which are related to the specific Javascript component in Ruby on Rails projects. It is used for all the assets of the application and is extensively used with Rails 6. You can easily find Ruby Gems guide for webpacker installation.

8. Bundler-audit

Developers need to check their gems for security in Ruby on Rails development. Bundler-audit checks the gemfile.lock for any security vulnerabilities in the gem versions. It also reduces unreliable gem fetching, eliminating chances of vulnerable Ruby Gems for app usage.

9. Active Merchant

This Ruby gem created by developers at Shopify, Active Merchant is a library that gives a centralized API for integrating payment gateway in your Ruby on Rails applications. It supports nearly 145 payment gateways and provides smooth integration with them.

10. ActiveAdmin

It is an administration framework for Ruby on Rails web development. It provides administration style interfaces and separates common business application patterns. It simplifies administration interface for developers.

The Best Ruby on Rails Developers Work With The Best Ruby gems

Ruby Gems can give essential support to your web application with rich functionalities. They provide rapid application development by reducing the lines of code to be written for development. When you want to find Ruby Gems, look for the ones that have uses in multiple applications. You can use them in various projects afterwards.

Only the best Ruby on Rails programmers work with the best Ruby Gems. We at BoTree Technologies, a leading Ruby on Rails development Services provider, have a team of expert Ruby developers who utilize RubyGems to build top-notch applications.

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