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re: Where does Java come into the picture? You can learn SQL on its own if you have a database and an application that lets you interact with it. If yo...

I am interviewing for a job where I will be writing java in connection with a SQL db. I just want to be sharper on those skills approaching the interview and possible job.

I am good with Java, but a bit overwhelmed in approaching the db.


I'd concentrate on learning basic database concepts and honing your SQL then. When you need to use Java to talk to one you'll be able to, but it's better to keep things simple when you're trying to pick it up.

I think that's where my understanding was breaking down. In previous projects with DBs, I used Python and SQLAlchemy. The whole ORM concept makes DBs easy, but it makes it tough to get the fundamentals. So in my mind, SQL wasn't a language of it's own.

Thanks for your help, I'm starting to get it!

When it's time to bring Java in, look at MyBatis. Object-relational mapping always winds up being more trouble than the initial convenience is worth.

Oh my seems like there is a problem with way people learn programming today: they jumped on framework without learning fundamentals and SQL is fundamental. Whatever programming languages you learn, if you don't know SQL, you risk to be discarded in many interviews right away.

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