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Discussion on: What is your Favorite/Most used bookmark?

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I use a chromebook, so I don't use bookmarks, instead I use "shortcuts" to web page, in the place of apps. I almost always have these open :)

  • android messages - so I can handle text messages from my desktop :)
  • gitter - I'm usually in the angular room trying to learn from peoples problems, or getting help myself :D
  • github - usually have the current github project I am working on opened.
  • circleci - I mainly keep this open to get desktop notifications of failed builds, and to quickly view any workflows queued up.
  • - I've been using this to get used to google's new "chat". I have slack actually opened in my actual browser (again for notifications) and keep opened in its own window.

The most "popular" pages are further up the list so they are easier to access via shortcut keys on my laptop.

I personally don't bookmark too many pages, as I always forget what I bookmark and need to find them. Rather I usually pin a page I want to look at later, or use soon. Otherwise I throw it into google keep for more "long term" storage.

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Tyler V. (he/him) Author

Nice! I think I continued using bookmarks on my Chromebook just because that was what I was accustomed to.

Awesome list though! 👍