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Discussion on: Whats the best keyboard?

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There is probably a best out there for each person, but I don't think there is a single be all, end all keyboard that is the best for everyone.

I personally use Kinesis's FreeStyle 2 keyboard as my daily driver, which is a split keyboard. It had a lot of what I wanted for a daily driver, with the awesome feature of being a "true" split keyboard in that each side of the keyboard can be placed directly in-front of each of my arms.

  1. 9 inches of spacing between each side, so my arms are directly out in front, rather than "angled" to the middle of my body for a more ergonomic setup than most split keyboards. (I personally think I should of got the 20" version, so I could put my laptop between the sides)

  2. Its satisfying to work on, and isn't noisy. It isn't mechanical but feels similar to one (at least to me 😉)

  3. Its corded, as a daily driver I can't have my keyboard dying on me!

I also use a Google Pixelbook which has one of the best keyboards I've ever used in terms of "feel".