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Using the forem-api for cross-posting

I've been redoing my portfolio/blog/website project using some newer technology. One "advanced" feature I finally got around to adding is the ability for my SSG site to get posts from forem's API.

This in theory allows my site to use as a "blog post source". However there a number of gaps with this approach. Namely things are not "live", in that any post on dev isn't instantly posted to my own site.

Furthermore, my site is still very bare bones, to the point there are probably issues with how these posts will render, along with overall ugliness.

This will all be worked on over time as I continue with fleshing out features on my site and add more interesting features.

Keep learning, keep growing 👍

Checkout my portfolio/blog/website here:

Beware its very dusty/half-built and basic!

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