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Too Busy to be Healthy

You have a busy schedule: work, home, kids, etc., and you always feel tired and weakened? What you need is a short workout routine. After all, some work out is better than none. With 15 min a day you may have some benefits from short work outs.

Cardio Workout

Just 15 minutes of cardio is better than none. You can do it at home so you do not have to waist time driving to the gym or walking to the park. You can train at home, sprint in your backyard or even simulate a 15 minute walk inside your home. If you have a second floor, try going up and down your stairs and you will see what a wonderful 15 minute work out that is. You can also do some running around the house combined with pus-ups and some abs. All in 15 minutes.

If you decide to do cardio by walking around your neighborhood, pick a direction and walk for 8 minutes. As soon as your watch says you have walked 8 minutes go back home. You still have another 8 minutes of cardio.

Cellulite is fat deposits and they need to be removed. Running (or walking) is the best exercise for cellulite reduction. Also, building muscles will help to eliminate cellulite. Simple aerobic exercises such as lunges, squats, and push ups will do the trick. Some light weight lifting is helpful too. Don't forget to drink a lot of water and eat sensible low-fat meals.

Weight Training at Home

In addition to running you need to do some extra exercise to build muscle. No, I am not talking going Schwarzenegger here but just working out and add some to those big muscle groups. The simplest way to do this is doing lunges, squats, jumping squats, push ups, and some abdominals. You can find many webs out there with specific instructions on how to do them properly. You could some weight lifting too, but very simple.

A cheap set of weights can be stored at home in your garage or in a closet. Perhaps you already have some weight. DO short work outs with these. Even if you do not have weights you can do weight training at home. Try to lift a 5 pound flour bag a few times over your head and you will see how you arm muscles are working out.

Use your body for weight training. Why not? After all you have some weight in your body. If you do a push-up and weight 150 pounds you will have to lift that weight from the floor. Or if you do a squat same thing: you will have to lift your 100 pounds weight up and down.

Another good exercise to do a home is called the dip. Take a chair, put it against a wall.
Sit down. Slide off the chair and bend your arms and lower your body towards the floor. Go up and down and you will work out your biceps with these dips.

Final word

You'll surely feel yourself better and more healthy. Start sticking to a diet and raise chances to succeed. Check this 7 Tips for Making Healthier Fast Food Choices.
Remember that health is a thing money can't buy at some point.

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