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Bhavesh Ramburn
Bhavesh Ramburn

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It's been a tough couple of weeks recently, I've been reflecting and reading a lot about
Using some of online guides, video tutorial I've finally got my head around it...somewhat. It is more difficult than laravel for sure... but looking at how much this clean architecture template has helped a lot at finding some cool stuff.
Before I got to this I've had to dig myself into books to cover the following:

  • Dependeny injection
  • Mediator
  • reviewing Builder Pattern

Of course there were a few design patterns I've gone through, it seems that it has been helpful.

Some design patterns I've picked up and used in learning core

  • Singleton pattern
  • Guard Pattern
  • Observer Pattern

it is not easy to go get your head around it.
There is a lot of work, reading, testing and deleting files.

So far I think I need to build a small tutorial to get started with Clean Architecture from Jason Taylor to get people to understand as the current github repo doesn't have a wiki or good documentation to get newbies in to get started.

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