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Encrypted Alternative to Google Photo

PhotoVault promises secure photo storage and sharing with extremely low risk of site being compromised

PhotoVault launches as a secure online site to host, edit, and share photos. It is poised as a safer alternative to the popular Google Photo application.

The strong sense of security we all felt with the internet is largely a thing of the past as many of the largest and most active sites has been the victim of hacking breaches. When these sites are compromised, our data and often our privacy is compromised as well, and the consequences can be felt long term. Even the search giant Google has been plagued by hacking incidents and the claims of others hacking into and sharing private photos have been numerous. A new photo storage and sharing site hopes to make such incidents a thing of the past.

PhotoVault ( is the creation of Vinicius and he is committed to offering a platform that will ensure 100% security for every image that is uploaded to the site.

"It Does not matter whether it is the private footage of a celebrity or pictures of your family, all private images should be securely encrypted so they may never fall into the wrong hands." Vinicius Melo, creator of PhotoVault
The site was created using BLOCKSTACK, a decentralized computing platform that puts users in control of their data and identity. This means that not even the admins of PhotoVault can access a user’s photos. In addition to the security protocols, PhotoVault is a free site and allows users the ability to edit photos right from the platform as well.

Those interested are encouraged to visit the free platform at

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