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Discussion on: Laravel Best Practice [Coding Standards Part 02] 🧑‍🦰👩‍🦰

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I'd like to add a thing to 02.

I've seen many devs use env function.

Please avoid env and use config instead.

Because .env files can be cached via php artisan config:cache and you can't use env function after that. (it will return null)

So if any of the code uses env function, you can't config cache in the future.

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Lathindu Pramuditha Author

great @bravemaster619 it's better to use config instep of env. and also we can use both.

we can use real content inside config file and. if we have local only thing we can use them inside .env .


"paypal_secret" = env("PAYPAL_SECRET" , 'asdfthdnejs323jn23nk3jn2njk3n2'),

and for our sandbox in local we can use key's inside .env

PAYPAL_SECRET = "kjansjnaknjsnalhjsbljhslhjlhjsla"

otherwise we don't want to use env anyware.

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