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Discussion on: I choose self-learning!

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Brenda Limón Author

My plans have always been centered on education and community. I wanna become a front-end developer because I have a best friend who's back-end developer, and also my personality and what I like it's more focused on the front-end.

My master plan is to create my startup, I tried once when I was 21 and it was an incredible experience but without knowledge of wtf to do, so my startup died.

I wanna learn to code, start creating projects with companies, get a job for 2-3 years till I feel ready in all senses to start again.

I wanna create content in Spanish about programming, and educational company based only on mentoring, like a personal trainer but with code.

I like the idea of Silicon Valley, but I see myself here, in my lovely Mexico, traveling a lot to conferences and making my company global in different languages, I know english it's global, I'm part of this community because of something, but to give the opportunity to people who doesn't have the chance to study english or they just don't wanna learn in english, there must be options. This is a plan of at least 10 years, starting a week ago, I'm taking my chance and climb to the top.

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Jacob Cavazos

That is a great cause to champion and a well thought out course of action.