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Coding Fail-Safes to Prevent Future HR Problems


Your HR department is one of the most important areas of your company. They help you train your employees, bring new people on board, and carry out the company mission while protecting the best interests of your business. Improper coding techniques can put your HR at risk and even your data. So here are the key things to keep in mind to make sure that future HR problems don't pop up when you least expect them to:



One of the main things that can really get you bad press today is discrimination. Of course, there is an ethical and moral factor to consider as well. You don't want your HR team to accidentally be hiring people that are only of one type of color, race, creed, or other characteristics. This is called accidental discrimination and still has negative effects.


Luckily, if you code your systems right, you can prevent HR from making mistakes in this area. You can code fail-safes that take into account strategic HR principles and make sure that you are getting enough people of various qualifications into your organization.


For instance, via algorithms, you can make sure that a certain number of checks need to be marked on a new candidate to promote diversity. The computer system could actually prevent them from making a hire or discriminating if it detects that a certain criterion is not met.


Legal Suits

It can be a pain to run everything through your legal department before you put out a memo or other document. However, with special software in place, it can search your database and find wordage or promises that are dangerous legally. For instance, marketing might want to put out a new ad. HR might not have the legal expertise to recognize how you could be exposing yourself to potential customer suits. However, the software can iterate and search through the words to find common phrases that are problematic from a legal standpoint.



The last thing you want to do is put someone out into the workforce that does not have the right training to get the job done. They can slow things down, cause worse customer experiences, and confuse their coworkers. Ensure that employees have to progress through certain levels of virtual training using code in order to make sure they know everything required to carry out the position correctly.



Anyone can say that they have certain qualifications. However, they can sometimes lie. If your HR department is spending all their time verifying this, they could be inefficient. Instead, code programs that automatically search databases and verify credential to prevent issues.



If your company is going to grow, you need to constantly be growing. One common problem that businesses face is getting a giant order or growing quickly but not having enough people to handle the job. You can eliminate this problem via automated responses to new candidates, lining up interviews far in advance.



Your customer information and your private financial data of your company are too valuable to let them fall into the wrong hands. Use firewalls and network monitoring tools so that HR can make sure no one else is entering the system. Strong passwords and extra authentications are a must.


When it comes to running a business, you can't afford to have HR problems. After all, HR is the one thing that insulates you and your company from litigation, poor training, and office conflicts. So use the right technology paradigms when coding for your HR team. Make their job easier and make your company more likely to succeed by using the tips above today in your business.

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