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How Developing Real Estate Software Differs From Regular Business Software

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If you are in real estate, then you know how competitive it can be. It is unlike any other industry, and it comes with its fair share of hurdles. However, since technology has taken off in the last decade with regards to software, this is the final frontier that you need to understand. It will help you gain a unique advantage in your market and dominate the industry. Here is how coding real estate software is different than regular business software:


MLS Listings

When you have access to the MLS, you are getting the exact information you need to serve your clients. This is especially true if they are buyers and the economy is hot at the moment. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get the most updated listings by using a general business software that links into your website. While it might come with certain features, you will be left in the dark for the most important one: which inventory is available.


Legal Issues Are More Important

In some industries, you do not have to worry so much about legal contracts and documents. However, as someone in real estate you know that this is a major part of the industry. Without the right legal frameworks in place, you can land in major trouble.

Real estate technologies should leverage software to automate as much of this process as possible. Instead of having to drive all the way to your client's house or for them to come to your office, you rely on software. A few clicks of a button or taps on a phone or tablet allow you to close a deal and the proper paperwork to all the parties who need to have access to it.



With regular software meant for daily business use, you don't always need incredible speed. Take accounting, for instance. Perhaps you need to query the database to see what last year's expenses were or something similar. This might take a few minutes, but it is usually not right in the moment or urgent.

Contrast this with you trying to find the next best property invest in or for your client to look at. You are doing it in the moment and need everything to work quickly. Real estate software is going to be using database queries and underlying software packages that make this happen faster. That way you don't miss out on key opportunities.



There is nothing worse than having your information stolen. Furthermore, it is even worse if it happens to your client while using your software or doing business with you. Therefore, you need to do everything in your power to keep this from happening. The best strategy is to use only software with great security.

At a minimum, it should not save passwords in plain text. It should be using encryption. This way, a hacker cannot simply sniff your network with a few lines of code. They would not be able to steal your client's credit, identity, or personal information. This is a key difference, whereas a lot of business software does not take this level of security into full account.


Social Integration

Real estate professionals are always on the move. But they also need to be in connection with their market. The ability to connect with common social media platforms with ease and communicate to your market makes real estate tech a step above. It means you can get word of mouth to boost your deals every day.

When it comes to business, real estate is one of the most competitive businesses out there. In order to compete, you need to have access to the best resources possible. That way, you can outperform the competition and gain more market share from greater efficiencies and cutting costs. So analyze the differences between real estate technology and the rest so you can understand how to best apply it to your business.

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