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Discussion on: Use Multi-Stage Docker Builds For Statically-Linked Rust Binaries

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bretthancox • Edited on

Appreciate this article so much. So many concepts being added to my knowledge-base for future use.

One thing I find is that I'm managing container-container communications a lot. Not a problem normally. How is that with scratch? Does Docker handle it all, or does the OS provide some abstraction that would need to be substituted within the binary?

EDIT: To be clear, I'm thinking of putting a binary at the end of an API call. If I could do that with a minimal image I would be so much happier. Just want to get the plumbing right 😉

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Ben Lovy Author

I haven't tried yet, but my instinct tells me this is something Docker manages, not your containers. Like Moshe said, the Linux userland inside a container is explicitly for runtime needs of the container's internal commands, everything outside of that is handled by Docker itself.

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Thanks. scratch feels like taking the training wheels off, but you have to do it at some point!

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Mihail Malo

Afaik, scratch isn't "nothing", it just downloads nothing.
There's still stuff from the runtime when it's alive.